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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How to make money from blog

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Earn With White Label Affiliations

Earn With White Label Affiliations

Do you know white label affiliations?What is it about? White label affiliations are a way to start online business "turnkey". White label products, but it would be more correct to call them "private label" or "private", I brands product and/or services on which there is the brand name of the company that produced them. These off-brand products, may be sold by other companies, which may use their name. So basically the company produces a product and/or service without the brand and the company sells using its name. They are called "white label" (white label), because in the past the British supermarket chain Sainsbury's sold products without brand, with a white label where there was written simply the name of the product. TBut what does all this with online business?

I'll explain: there are companies that offer prepackaged entire websites,  which there are products and/or services for sale in affiliation. Who adheres to these affiliations, will earn a percentage of the products sold. Many people believe that the creation of a website is the predominant aspect of an online business. Well, not really so, as you can see. Creating a website is just one aspect of an online business. A very important aspect and underestimated by molt is the promotion of the site. Don't know how to create your website? Just got one already preassembled and upgrade your membership. In practice, these affiliations are as follows:

Register a new domain name (or use a sub-domain of the company offering the servicewhite label affiliate)
You register at the site that offers white label affiliations Customize the look and feel of the site (within certain limitsThe promote Earn a percentage of the products and/or services sold Everything  here. So if anyone can do such a thing, because we're not all rich? Because the promotion of a website is not so simple and if you don't have the right skills, do not even know where to start.

 Simply white label affiliation is definitely a simplification, because you won't have to deal with the creation of the web site and you will not have to incur costs for its management. The disadvantage is that ... being sites "copy and paste", you will compete with dozens of competitors that will promote the same products and/or services. Yes, web sites will be graphically different (but not much) but the content will be the same. You cannot differentiate. Therefore, if on one hand things are easier because you won't have to manage a web site from scratch, on the other hand are more complicated because you must promote the same products and/or services that will promote your competitors. In this game he wins who knows better promote your own website.

White label affiliations exist for dating sites, hotels booking sites, gambling sites, real estate sites, etc. To find them just go to Google and search for "white label affiliations."You the advice? Hmmm ... only if you have experience in web marketing, because as I said, you won't be able to stand out among the mass, you will compete with other competitors who will promote your products themselves. You have web marketing skills? Then you should definitely try.


Sunday, June 8, 2014


YouTube is an effective and easy to use to make video marketing for small or large businesses.
Allows you to offer products or people globally and free. People like Justin Bieber, have started
to promote themselves through YouTube and now are known worldwide.

YouTube is a place where you can introduce yourself, or its products not only to the consumers of your own language, but also to the rest of the world. Through YouTube you can  get global exposure capable in a few days to create a viral effect on the Internet with  unimaginable 

The trick is to create a video, upload it and share it!

YouTube allows you to monitor the success of the video through the number of times that the video was receive, through I love that you get and through comments that are left. This allows
to understand what is the perception of the video in the audience.

What should be clear, howeveris that they don't just post a video to get success. Eachday are
published hundreds of thousands of videos and distinguish itself is a difficult task. But not  impossible.
All passes through a series of steps that we listed below.

To have a professional look of its presence on YouTube, you should create a real
personal channel. YouTube allows us to do this and customize it in a way to maximize our presence.
Also according to the search engines.


Fortunately, producing a video is not as good at first was led to believe. You can find on the net and free manuals applications that allow anyone to create their own videos.
Just a phone and an idea! Then, once you have created the final version just publish it.


Publish a video by itself is not enough. To increase its visibility to optimize it to increase the
possibility that our video to appear before its competitors. To do this it is necessary to adopt some
precautions as to enter the most important keyphrases on the video's title, description and
on tags that we can add.


Since, as you have noticed, when we perform a Google search, it happens that among the first results
you will get links to relevant videos with our research, it is obvious that another aspect to which we must pay much attention is that of search engine optimization. One of the most effective methods is to create a proper link building campaign to the video in question. Get links to a video, it means
increase the likelihood that your video appearing on Google.